Dec 14, 2011

This is embarrassing that I haven't posted in 2 years!

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've posted. I honestly forget that I even have a blog until someone stops me somewhere to tell me thank you for a post I made about the "PFO" that it helped them or that they enjoyed reading my blog and have missed it. I miss my blog. The thing I really miss most about it (before I got sick) was sitting down at night and having some ME time, and being able to think about all the things that made me "happy" that I wanted to "journal" about, to document for MY family. Not the bad things, not the little annoying things that irritate us through out the day. But that one little thing among the hundred that made our heart swell or tear form and made everything that day worth it. That's why I miss blogging. Because now I go to bed and forget that moment, it goes down the black hole of never never land where memory lane will never retrieve it. So, Maybe my 2012 New Years Resolution will be, to blog again. Maybe not every single fun thing we do (or cute thing I do :) but at least some of those moments I just don't want to forget.

Here's one, I can hear my husband singing "A Childs Prayer" to my kids for their tuck Ins in the next room. That's just to irresistible :) Good night!

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